Rachelle Storm

Signed Absolution: Revelations (Book Two) Paperback

Signed Absolution: Revelations (Book Two) Paperback

*Paperback will be signed with your name by Rachelle Storm.*

The second novel in Rachelle Storm’s Absolution Series brings Chris Harris and his brothers one step closer to their destiny as the prophecy begins to unfold and puts everyone on a collision course for a battle with the Ultimate Evil. The aftermath of Randy’s choices continue to divide the brothers and set them at odds. Tension between Chris and Randy reaches a boiling point that pits brother against brother once again and threatens to cause even deeper rifts between the Elements.

Meanwhile, a different type of tension leaves John and Victoria frustrated and Joanie wondering if it is all a coincidence or if the fates have set her and her sisters on the same path as the Elements for a reason. When the world around Anderson begins to implode, all six of them must find a way to reconcile the past with an uncertain future with far more questions than answers. Who is the Seer? What is the Ultimate Evil? And what will the future hold for the Harris Brothers and the mortals in their lives?

In Absolution: Revelations, choosing love is easy. Choosing duty is necessary. But, no one is certain how exactly they will save the world.